My love of oil paint began at a young age when I would sit and observe my mother painting. As a result, I quickly came to associate the familiar smell of linseed oil and buttery consistency of the paints with a feeling of comfort and assurance.

In later years, while studying Art History and Literature, I gathered inspiration from many different sources but it was with respect to the Florentine and Northern Renaissance that I developed a particular fondness for the Classical Tradition and the techniques of The Old Masters. As a result, it felt quite natural to study and incorporate many of their techniques into my own artistic practice.

Thankfully, this tradition has been lovingly preserved by the Atelier System and the writings and teachings of those who possess the authority of experience. In the course of study I have discovered that there exists a wealth of knowledge on the art of traditional oil painting and I owe a great debt of thanks to the many volumes that have been published on the subject.