David Le Maître

Artist working in oils and egg tempera

Naturally, painting restricts me to working on a two dimensional surface but I have always had a great fondness for the tactile quality of statuary and architecture. Consequently, much of my work has revolved around the rendering of sculptural pieces and architectural detail. Anatomical form is also something I have a great fascination for and have made many studies of in both oils and charcoal.

The therapeutic and meditative nature of working with paint has always been a source of great comfort. I often find interest in the most simple, natural forms when viewed outside of their original context and presented as worthy pieces of art. I seek not to make an impact or influence but rather try to concentrate on and work with that which we have inherited from nature.

The method of my work could best be described as an indirect mode of painting in which a grisaille underpainting is produced using both egg tempera and oil paint over which many subsequent layers of colours are glazed. The final glazes are interrupted by occasional scumbling for added texture and interest. My aim is to produce a work that will allow light to pass through it, giving it a translucent, jewel-like quality.

My painting process has evolved naturally to a point which now feels perfectly fluid. I did not choose to study the practice of art beyond my final school years but chose rather to study Art History. This enabled me to indulge my interest in the beauty of the art of my own particular liking whilst learning a great deal about the techniques and materials of the masters.